Smoking cessation and Hypnosis

Whenever somebody asks me what do I do for living and I answer hypnosis, a part from the shock, people always ask: but what can you do with hypnosis? In the last post I gave a list of some of the most common conditions that clients come in for. But there are four major problems … Read more

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What can Hypnosis treat?

Some of you asked in the previous posts what hypnosis could do for you. I have made a list to give you an idea of the range of conditions that can be helped by hypnotherapy. It is not an exhaustive list, it could be much longer, but it covers the main problems people use hypnosis … Read more

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Los mitos sobre la hipnosis

Estos son los diez mitos más difundidos sobre la hipnosis: 1. El hipnólogo podrá controlar mi mente.  Hecho: Nadie puede controlar tu mente, a menos que le dejes. El hipnoterapeuta te dará sugestiones, basándose en la entrevista previa a la sesión. Durante la sesión, en ningún momento perderás el control de tu mente. Si oyes … Read more

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Hypnosis in Spain

April made me think about this today… If we had to compare the level of knowledge and acceptance of hypnosis between the Us or UK and Spain, I think that the differences would be astronomical. In the United States, Hypnosis is recognized as a medical modality and it has some level of acceptance and respect, … Read more

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Trance state and self hypnosis

As we saw the previous days, everyone has experienced a trance-like state many times. We daydream while things happen around us, get absorbed by a book or a movie unaware of how the time goes by, drive miles in the car and at the end of the journey don’t remember some of the places you … Read more

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