The experience of hypnosis

You’re driving down the road, lost in a daydream, and suddenly you notice that you’ve driven past your exit. Welcome to the everyday experience of hypnosis! People that don’t know much about hypnosis think of it as being in a sleep state, but actually it is not at all like that. More accurately, hypnosis is … Read more

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Hypnosis and its myths…

When people come to my practice all they know or have heard about hypnosis is what they’ve seen in the TV or Magic shows, so many times, before doing the session, I have to demistify some of the ideas that they come with.   Here is a list of the most common myths people have about hypnosis:  … Read more

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Procastination and hypnotherapy

  A powerful tool for eliminating procrastination can be provided by hypnotherapy. Overcoming procrastination begins identifying and dealing directly with the cause that’s keeping us from moving forward. Regardless of the cause or combination of causes that result in procrastinating, it is important to understand that we had to learn in the past how to … Read more

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  In Spain we have a saying that you won’t hear anywhere else, maybe except from Latin America and the Mediteranean coast: Leave for tomorrow what you can do today. When I first heard the word procrastination I had to ask the person to repeat it a couple of times and to write it down … Read more

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