¿Qué es la Hipnosis?

Hasta fecha muy reciente, la hipnosis ha  sido vista como una técnica misteriosa llevada a cabo por personajes con extrañas habilidades y poderes especiales. La realidad es  que no hay  nada de místico ni mágico en la hipnosis. Pero, ¿qué es exactamente la hipnosis? La hipnosis no es más que un estado de concentración y … Read more

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Vivimos atrapados en solucionar problemas

Puedes hacer click en el siguiente link y acceder a la Contra de la Vanguardia dedicada a Guruji Sri Vast, maestro espiritual que nos invita a escuchar la inteligencia natural que hay dentro de cada uno de nosotros. vivimos atrapados en solucionar problemas translation

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Brief History of Hypnosis

The History of Hypnosis goes back to the dawn of history. What we now know as “hypnosis” and “hypnotic” state was used by healers as a tool to heal, comfort, motivate, relax and focus their patients’ attention in a way that accessed and used physical and mental mechanisms to influence and alter sensations, attention, perspective, … Read more

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Brain Frequencies

The other day we saw that the brain operates in four general states that are determined by the frequency of the electricity generated by the exchange of chemicals in the neural pathways. What this means is that the electrical activity in our brain will change depending on what we are doing. For instance, our brainwaves … Read more

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Animal hypnosis and trances

Some of you were curious about hypnosis with animals. Actually, I have never tried it. My grandfather used to have chickens and rabbits but, at that time, I was not interested in hypnotising them! I did a little research about videos, this is a good one from the BBC. One advice: if you want to try it…maybe with … Read more

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