Hypnosis in Spain

April made me think about this today…

If we had to compare the level of knowledge and acceptance of hypnosis between the Us or UK and Spain, I think that the differences would be astronomical.

In the United States, Hypnosis is recognized as a medical modality and it has some level of acceptance and respect, there are several Associations, Forums, National Conventions and many schools where you can learn different techniques.

The reality in Spain is very different. The practice of Hypnosis is  forbidden in the Spanish Health System and there are no specialized Journals, Associations or Forums and this, along with the esoteric halo that has generally surrounded Hypnosis, makes this practice even more “paranormal”.

The same myths about Hypnosis have to be clarified here, but maybe even more, due to the lack of general knowledge and acceptance, as what most people know about Hypnosis is what they have seen on TV shows.

A part from the 10 myths that we saw the other day, there is one myth very common here: “if a hypnotist looks me in the eyes, he or she will be able to make me do anything”.

Doing some research on the internet doesn’t give too much hope either. There are several web sites dedicated to Hypnosis. A few of them seem quite professional and serious. Most of the hypnotist are psychologist or therapist, trained also in NLP or other techniques. Unfortunately the majority of sites are related to parapsychology and other clairvoyant practices which makes our work seem even more surrealistic!

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