Sessions for onychofagia are my favorite ones! But, what’s onychofagia?

Onychophagia or nail biting is a stress removing habit adopted by many children and adults.
People usually do nail biting when they are nervous, stressed, hungry or bored.  But whether because of stress, or simply through habit, is essentially the same mechanism as used by over eaters and smokers: oral satisfaction.

‘Oral satisfaction’ involves putting something in the mouth, a nail, a cigarette, cream cake, etc, and this is often done in times of stress. Of course, where nail biting is concerned, it can be both unhygienic and unsightly.

Nail biting is generally a nervous habit that people usually adopt when they are kids. It is very common among children between 10 to 18, but many, as they become more conscious of their appearance outgrow this habit.

Some young adults sometimes bite their nails and usually overcome this nail biting habit at the age of 30 by themselves.

Still, there are some adults over 50 that can not change the habit by themselves.

In very few people nail biting can be a sign of emotional or mental disorders. In such circumstances people are not aware of the fact that they are biting their nails. Some people also bite their nails while sleeping like some unconscious habit. This leads us to a stage where the habit of nail biting seems impossible to change.

Nail biting, a part from causing a lot of pain at the place where skin meets the nail, it can also make the cuticles to bleed. It can lead to give birth to infections in the nails and mouth and,  if lasts for a long time, causes deformation of nails.

Nail biting sessions are my favorite ones. I like them because, except from when the person has an emotional or mental disorder, the change is done very fast.

I have worked with some kids but most of my clients are ladies between 20 and 40 that have never been able to have long nails or paint them. I am always excited as 90% of the times we are done with one session and they call me a couple of weeks later to tell me that they are ready for their first manicure in their life’s!

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