Procastination and hypnotherapy


A powerful tool for eliminating procrastination can be provided by hypnotherapy.

Overcoming procrastination begins identifying and dealing directly with the cause that’s keeping us from moving forward. Regardless of the cause or combination of causes that result in procrastinating, it is important to understand that we had to learn in the past how to behave that way. We all learn our fears, our lack of self esteem, our limiting beliefs,… through the chain of our experiences and how we associate and identify those experiences into our subconscious mind where they become the behavioural patterns that hold us back from doing the things that we want to do.

With hypnotherapy you can help the subconscious mind, the engine of behaviour, to unlearn the old patterns and attitudes and relearn new ones. We can desensitize a client to his fears of failure and/or success, eradicating his subconscious link between failure and self esteem, and after that, re-teach new positive attitudes, for instance that any given “failure” is nothing more than part of the process of learning and growing. With appropriate reinforcement this new response can become a new subconscious belief and behavioural pattern every bit as automatic as the old negative pattern of procrastination was.

We all deserve a happy, productive and fulfilling life and getting rid of procrastination can help us reach our goals and can engage in the excitement and adventure that creating and attaining goals can provide! I was once a procrastinator and now I work often with people to overcome this pattern. I see them literally transform themselves into the achievers they wish to be, or in some cases improve a lot – and often very quickly.

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