Smoking cessation and Hypnosis

Whenever somebody asks me what do I do for living and I answer hypnosis, a part from the shock, people always ask: but what can you do with hypnosis?

In the last post I gave a list of some of the most common conditions that clients come in for. But there are four major problems why people call for my help: smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety and nail biting!

The most demanded treatment, at least here in Spain, is smoking cessation. And the reason is because more than 35% of Spanish are smokers.

For the last few months I have been working with many clients for this reason. A part from health, personal and economical reasons, there is something else that is making them take the decision: smoking is still aloud in many public places, especially restaurants and coffee shops, and that will end soon.

Smoking was banned from working places and cultural centres only 4 years ago. In 2011 a new law will forbid smoking in restaurants and coffee shops, and many smokers want to get rid of their habit the sooner the better.

A lot of smokers enjoy smoking; they enjoy the soothing rush that the body produces to combat the poison being taken in. Many smokers simply do not want to stop smoking. And that’s fair enough. If they don’t want, is their health.

However, many smokers genuinely want to stop smoking. Their reasons to stop smoking can range from concerns about their long term health, being tired of depending on cigarettes, a need to save money ( which I think is not enough, if that’s the only reason they give themselves to quit smoking) or even the desire to live longer and see their children and grandchildren grow up!

In general, in professional hypnosis training the future hypnotherapists are warned that probably smoking cessation sessions are the most difficult ones. Smoking sessions and working with family members! However having worked with so many previous smokers, makes it a lot easier for me. That, together with the referral that my dad always gives after having quit smoking in one session almost 40 cigarettes a day, is the best marketing!

So how can hypnotherapy help? As briefly mentioned above it isn’t actually the cigarettes that make the smoker feel good, but the body releasing endorphins to counter the intake of poison. Hypnotherapy can help stop smoking by reprogramming the subconscious so the client can think of himself as a healthy, vibrant non-smoker. And as the subconscious is reprogrammed to be a non-smoker….it can become easily a non-smoker!

Of course we also need to tackle those nasty cravings and replace the endorphin rush that is associated with smoking….and that is easily and naturally done with some very simple techniques.

Not everyone is like my dad and some of my clients that after only one session feel that they will never smoke again. Some clients need two or three sessions or even do some previous work before deciding to quit smoking.

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